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Features of Determining the Value of Ukrainian Agricultural Enterprises
Viedienieiev V. A.

Viedienieiev, Volodymyr A. (2020) “Features of Determining the Value of Ukrainian Agricultural Enterprises.” Business Inform 2:371–375.

Section: Finance, Money Circulation and Credit

Article is written in Ukrainian
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UDC 330.1

Based on the recent changes in Ukrainian economy in general and in the agricultural sector in particular, the article explains the need to improve the existing methodology for determining the value of enterprises in the agrarian sector and outlines the features of modern Ukrainian agricultural enterprises, which should be taken into account during the process of determining the value of enterprise in accordance with the regulatory documents. To determine the features of the cost determination, the main types of value that be calculated in most cases and the approaches used in the cost determination are described. In addition, the article compares the classification of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine and the world and proposes a possible distinction between agricultural sector enterprises by their operating structure. For each proposed class, the features that influence the determination of value are specified. The need to use the risk premium for Ukrainian agrarian sector enterprises is explained when using the profitable approach, an example from the world practice of possible calculation of such a premium is provided. The general algorithm for determining the market and investment value of agricultural enterprises is presented, additionally, 7 features that need to be taken into account are considered. These include: seasonality, impact of climatic conditions on the accuracy of forecasting the future quantity of products, export orientation of business and others. Much attention is paid to the market approach, as well as the obstacles that need to be overcome to allow this approach to be effectively applied.

Keywords: agricultural enterprises, profitable method, cost method, comparative method, money flow, valuation activities, financial modeling.

Formulae: 2. Bibl.: 8.

Viedienieiev Volodymyr A. – Postgraduate Student, Department of Economic and Mathematical Modeling, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (54/1 Beresteiskyi Ave., Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine)
Email: [email protected]

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